Stock Video Galore review and (GET) +100 items bonus pack

Stock Video Galore review - What Is Stock Video Galore?

Stock Videos Galore is a massive collection of more than 4000 stock videos and videos with unique effects in a huge array of categories and themes that you can use to turn any of your projects into a masterpiece. All these videos are shot in high definition resolution giving you the best details possible, and all of them are also named with proper keywords so you can index and find the video you want easily.

How Does Stock Video Galore Work?

Special Features of Stock Video Galore:

All the video files in the Stock Video Galore are named with keywords and distributed into easy to browse categories so you can find what you want easily using keywords. See what you will get inside this package.

• 3500+ Stock Videos named with keywords and Organized into Hundreds over Categories and Themes.

• 50 moving backgrounds animated with bokeh style animations that you use as moving background in your video, website or any occasions.

• 50 Explosion Videos that will make an instant bold effect in any of your projects.

• Set of 35 mesmerizing videos with realistic fire effects. These videos are perfect for almost any occasions; you can use these videos to create that mesmerizing effects for any of your projects.

• 48 videos with various fuming flame effects from the flame thrower like flames to trapped flame.

• 27 modest fire effects that are perfect if you just want to create that not too overwhelming fire effects.

• 31 modest flame effects but without the overwhelming power of it. These flames are still as powerful as its cousin, and they still display the modesty of flame power.

• 50 videos with particle effects, these particles effects are impressive for any occasions, put them over any video to create all sort of particles effects.

• 50 Colorized Particle Effects, similar to particles effects but with these particles are colorized to give a bold statement when you put them over any of your videos or projects.

• 22 mesmerizing rain effects videos will bring rain to any of your projects when you needed to. They come with all sort of rains from the heavy to the misty style.

• 52 smoke effects videos that you can use to create that smoky effect in any of your projects.

• 25 smoky abstract videos, these are specialized effects flow like smoke with abstract effects that will breathe life to any of your videos or projects.

• 38 enthralling videos with water droplet effects, you can use these for almost any projects. For instance you can put them on top of your video to create that after a wet day experience.

Why Should You Get Stock Video Galore Now?

Here is reasons why Stock Video Galore is a real deal:

Super Affordable: Be prepared to pay $10 and $100 sometimes even more for just one single stock video in today’s market. But with the Stock Videos Galore you can get access to all more than 4000 stock videos and videos with special effects for one tiny price!

An Organized Collection: All their stock videos are named with proper keyword and distributed into easy to browse categories so you can index and search for the video you want easily without the needs to open each video to see what’s inside that is many wasted hours saved.

Top Notch Quality: All the videos in the Stock Videos Galore are all format in high definition quality giving you the best details possible for each video. The videos are also formatted in the standard MP4 format making them compatible with almost all the video, presentation and graphic software on the market.

Commercial License Without the Additional Cost: Most stock assets website out there charge a hefty extra for commercial or developer license, but with Stock Videos Galore you will get a commercial license that allows you to use these stock assets in your personal or commercial projects including your client’s projects without the additional cost!


Stock Videos Galore is priced at a crazy low price, but there’s a catch though! Dime sale is applied, and the price is going up rapidly with each product sold so get it quick to secure the lowest price. Grab this bundle now and start turning your projects into masterpieces.


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